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Greetings! So here's a litttle about me. I'm Affiong “FotogrAffi” Osuchukwu a photographer, traveler, dreamer and lover of life! I'm British by birth, American by chance and Nigerian by right. Well travelled with just 2 more Continents to explore (including Antarctica) my wanderlust and constant craving for new experiences have taken me to some interesting places and enabled me meet some memorable characters.

I'm on of those people who was gifted a camera when they were really young and the rest became history. On my 5th birthday my favorite uncle, who was also a photographer, sent me a Kodak Tele-Elektra 2.  It was the best present ever and at that moment I fell head-over-heels in love with the art!  Mostly a self-taught photographer, the techniques I have and continue to learn make me more aware of how and what I shoot.  By nurturing my creative eye, I have begun to see the most ordinary objects - a leaf on a sidewalk, a runner in the park, a celebration on the street - in the most extraordinary ways!

Photographic art , lifestyle photography and photojournalism are the common themes that end up on my digital negatives.  My hope is that by capturing life with my camera, I will give all who care to see an opportunity to fully appreciate this amazing world we live in.  Whether I stroll to the park up the street or travel across continents, my ultimate mission is to share my journey and unique perspective with every shot I take.

I currently work on a commissioned projects only. Do contact me if you have an interesting photography project and let's definitely have a chat.